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The SIM Advantage

Our SIM team is made up of analysts who have worked extensively with federal and provincial regulators. Our team knows what it takes to implement consistent company–wide processes that meet or exceed the evolving regulatory requirements of the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), Aboriginal Consultation Office (ACO), British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office (EAO), British Columbia Oil & Gas Commission (BCOGC) and the National Energy Board (NEB).

SIM analysts’ productivity and efficiencies, as well as our ability to shift resources to meet demanding timelines, result in a cost-effective option for our clients. Communica has the ability to immediately and seamlessly ramp up and down to meet operational and project requirements.


Develop protocols and establish processes for gathering information from engagement teams.
Train engagement teams on record-keeping requirements and best practices.
Enter all records into a database in an objective and consistent manner that meets regulatory requirements.
Ensure consistent, neutral and factual tracking of stakeholder engagement activities, concerns and mitigation strategies.
Audit database information regularly to ensure accuracy and consistency of information.
Produce commitment and issues tracking reports to ensure regular stakeholder and Indigenous engagement follow-up.
Identify information gaps and work with companies to fill those gaps.
Produce accurate and timely reports that meet regulatory requirements and operational needs.
Ensure stakeholders receive immediate responses by monitoring project emails and toll-free lines.


Developing an accurate and complete record of Indigenous and Stakeholder engagement activities is critical to meeting today’s evolving regulatory requirements and company operational needs.

Communica’s SIM team specializes in collecting, auditing and recording all contact between companies and their stakeholders in a centralized database of your choice. From this secure database, the SIM team can produce reports detailing all stakeholder engagement activities, from telephone calls to emails and face-to-face meetings.

While the SIM team focuses on helping companies meet their regulatory requirements, we can also analyze thousands of database entries, and provide a range of reporting options companies need to make sound operational decisions. The SIM team can define trends in stakeholder issues, identify information gaps and hone in on specific stakeholder concerns.

Greg Gutowski

Stakeholder Information Management

“If stakeholder engagement activities are not documented, regulators assume they did not occur. Our SIM team provides clients with the industry-leading support they need to ensure engagement, concerns and mitigation strategies are properly recorded.”

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